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Tigers Jaw - I Saw Water (x)


Tigers Jaw - I Saw Water (x)

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"but how can you like *insert alternative rock band that ppl think is obscure* if you like One Direction?" I sit back and ponder this person’s pointed demand as they gaze witheringly at me through black thick rimmed glasses, bookmarking their page in their Bukowski novel. They had a point..How CAN one listen to and enjoy TWO DIFFERENT GENRES of MUSIC?? it’s almost as if I have a VARIETY of Tastes. That simply cannot be. I sip my kombucha and cry myself to sleep

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Title: Pale Blue Eyes
Artist: The Velvet Underground
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Girl afraidWhere do his intentions lay?Or does he even have any?
She says"He never really looks at meI give him every opportunity”

Girl afraid
Where do his intentions lay?
Or does he even have any?

She says
"He never really looks at me
I give him every opportunity”

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